Marital Disharmony: Examining the Adverse Spousal Testimonial Privilege and Its Impact in Washington State

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Abstract: In Washington State, RCW 5.60.060(1) provides that “ spouse or domestic partner shall not be examined for or against his or her spouse or domestic partner, without the consent…

In the Room Where It Happens: How Federal Appropriations Law Can Enforce Tribal Consultation Policies and Protect Native Subsistence Rights in Alaska

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Abstract: Federal-tribal consultation is one of the only mechanisms available to American Indian and Alaska Native communities to provide input on federal management decisions impacting their subsistence lands and resources.…

Creating and Maintaining Consistent Standards Regarding the Role of Parental Substance Abuse at Shelter Care Hearings in Washington State

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Abstract: When Child Protective Services (CPS) removes children from their home in Washington State, the State must hold a shelter care hearing within seventy-two hours to determine where the children…

Per Curiam Signals in the Supreme Court’s Shadow Docket

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Abstract: Lower courts and litigants depend a great deal on the Supreme Court to articulate and communicate signals regarding how to interpret existing doctrine. Signals are at their strongest and…
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When Patent Litigators Become Neurosurgeons

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Abstract: Patent law is where the law meets the most cutting-edge and innovative technology of its time. Usually, subject matter experts, with the help of lawyers, are the ones applying…

We Are Never Getting Back Together: A Statutory Framework for Reconciling Artist/Label Relationships

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Abstract: Taylor Swift could tell you a thing or two about record label drama. Artists like Swift who want to break into the big leagues and top the charts must…
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