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From Lightbulbs to #Sheinhauls: Considerations for Planned Obsolescence Regulation in the Modern Era

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Abstract: “Planned obsolescence,” broadly defined as conduct by manufacturers to shorten product lifespans and spur consumption, is characteristic of the American economy. Such conduct largely manifests in widely accepted competitive…
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Disparately Disabled: Advocating for All Federal Courts of Appeals to Make Disparate Impact Claims Cognizable Under Federal Disability Rights Law

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Abstract: People with disabilities have the same rights and deserve to enjoy the same privileges as everyone else. However, people with disabilities face societal inequities that hinder their full participation…

Internet Drug Prohibition and the Opioid Overdose Crisis

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Abstract: The Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act (Ryan Haight Act) prohibits controlled substance tele-prescribing when it occurs without a preliminary in-person medical evaluation. This Article details the Ryan…

Radical Visions for the Law of Peace: How W.E.B. Du Bois and the Black Antiwar Movement Reimagined Civil Rights and the Laws of War and Peace

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Abstract: This Article reconstructs the history of Black antiwar activism in the twentieth-century United States and argues that Black antiwar activists played a significant but largely forgotten role in the…
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Breaking Algorithmic Immunity: Why Section 230 Immunity May Not Extend to Recommendation Algorithms

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Abstract: In the mid-1990s, internet experiences were underwhelming by today’s standards, despite the breakthrough technologies at their core. When a person logged on to the internet, they were met with…

A Loophole in the Fourth Amendment: The Government’s Unregulated Purchase of Intimate Health Data

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Abstract: Companies use everyday applications and personal devices to collect deeply personal information about a user’s body and health. While this “intimate health data” includes seemingly innocuous information about fitness activities…
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