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Private Police Regulation and the Exclusionary Remedy: How Washington Can Eliminate the Public/Private Distinction

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Abstract: Private security forces such as campus police, security guards, loss prevention officers, and the like are not state actors covered by the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition against unreasonable searches and…

After The Criminal Justice System

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Abstract: Since the 1960s, the “criminal justice system” has operated as the common label for a vast web of actors and institutions. But as critiques of mass incarceration have entered…

One Crisis or Two Problems? Disentangling Rural Access to Justice and the Rural Attorney Shortage

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Abstract: We have all seen the headlines: No Lawyer for Miles or Legal Deserts Threaten Justice for All in Rural America. There is a substantial body of literature, across disciplines…

Taking the Long Road: The Excessive Fines Clause as a Tool for Protecting Washington’s Unsheltered Population

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Abstract: Over the last decade, Washington State has seen a substantial increase in its unhoused population and an increase in laws that harm this group. Many of these laws subject…
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When Patent Litigators Become Neurosurgeons

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Abstract: Patent law is where the law meets the most cutting-edge and innovative technology of its time. Usually, subject matter experts, with the help of lawyers, are the ones applying…

We Are Never Getting Back Together: A Statutory Framework for Reconciling Artist/Label Relationships

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Abstract: Taylor Swift could tell you a thing or two about record label drama. Artists like Swift who want to break into the big leagues and top the charts must…
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