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Washington Law Review (WLR) acknowledges the Coast Salish peoples’ original ownership of the land on which the University of Washington sits, the traditional territory of all tribes and bands within the Suquamish, Tulalip, Duwamish, and Muckleshoot nations. WLR further acknowledges the state’s continuing obligation to fulfill promises made in the Treaty of Point Elliott.

In 2019, WLR crafted and adopted the above acknowledgment in partnership with Professor Emeritus Bob Anderson. The acknowledgment first appeared in Volume 94:3. It also appears on WLR’s website and will appear in each book WLR publishes.

WLR believes such an acknowledgment of the Coast Salish peoples’ original ownership of the land on which WLR operates is an important gesture. Indigenous communities have demonstrated resilience in the face of violent colonization efforts to separate them from their land, culture, and each other. WLR recognizes that it has benefited from, and owes its existence to, this colonization. Further, erasure of Indigenous peoples and cultures is an ongoing project of colonization. Thus, WLR adopted this acknowledgment to join efforts to disrupt that project and offer recognition and respect to Coast Salish peoples. Finally, WLR hopes this acknowledgment will inspire broader awareness of the Indigenous communities we live amongst and whose land we inhabit.

More information about the Suquamish, Tulalip, Duwamish, and Muckleshoot nations are available at their websites listed below.

Suquamish Tribe:

Tulalip Tribes:

Duwamish Tribe:

Muckleshoot Indian Tribe: